© CTS Chicago’s Tax Service, LLC  2018   CTS-Chicago’s Tax Service, LLC 4406 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60630 Tel: (773) 282-3200 Fax: (855) 282-8919 View a printer-friendly PDF version here ======================================================================= City of Chicago Consumer Bill of Rights regarding tax preparation services I AM USING A PAID TAX PREPARER... What are my Rights? 1.) A tax preparer is required to offer a detailed explanation of their available services 2.) Prior to rendering service a tax preparer must provide consumers with the following information: + The price of each offered service and any and all fees + An estimate of your total charge based upon the tax preparation you choose to purchase + The period of time you can reasonably expect to wait for your refund. 3.) Tax preparers must certify that they provided all the required disclosures and explanations 4.) You have the right NOT to utilize and alternative settlement product (for example, a refund loan or refund check) 5.) Tax preparers must provide all customers with a copy of this Bill of Rights. If your rights are violated you may file a formal complaint with the city by calling 311 or (312) 744-5000 or by writing to: Department of Business Affairs ATTN: Compaint Intake - Tax Preparation and Consumer Protection 121 N Lasalle St - Room 805 Chicago, IL 60602 View a printer-friendly PDF version here Homepage Office Hours Homepage Office Hours When it comes to Taxes- Don’t take Chances. Let the Pros handle it!